Ebola: Very Crafty, False-Flag Vaccination-Blackmail?

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Because I tried about three different ways to acess this story at Veterans Today and couldn’t get into the site until I googled the title itself, I’m publishing the entire article. I don’t want anyone to have trouble reading this!!!

Also, as I read the story I highlighted, but then I simply gave up. There is simply too much to take in. . . you all are going to have to read this a couple of times anyway, and please share it widely. . . Hugs, ~Jean

…  by Preston James
October 14, 2014

Mix-In the last couple of weeks, the Ebola Virus seemed to gain notoriety out of nowhere.

Supposedly a byproduct of bats in deepest, darkest Africa. Brought into America twice, once to treat an active case, a second time by a person who came from the source area in Africa, supposedly not knowing he was infected.

And yet…

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#the (r)evolution is being socialized

Russell Brand: Revolution, Chris Brown, Ebola Con…:

Choose Love ♡♥☆★♧♣

‘It’s so decadent/how we represent/ the most eclectic, refreshing energy heaven sent’
-rhymes by ‘yours truly’
*but i’m not a rapper*>. <

The theme is to choose love. Over all else, deciding to unconditionally love in spite of those ‘fleeting emotions’ of ours. I believe that love is the art of choosing to enable self love above all else first and, then consciously deciding to expand your love to fully accept another as you do yourself.

‘It’s about bringing together two people, two bridges and connecting them. Like [bringing together] the colors of the rainbow.’
‘The kids saw a rainbow and it was faint, at first…. we wanted soo bad to see the rainbow and all of a sudden, it became brighter!’

‘Let’s shine our rainbows together and be the pot(s) of gold!!’*

-Conversations with ‘friends’

Let’s all choose love in order to  manifest our higher/inner ‘selves’. That is the ‘power’ inside each of us and is what the entire ‘universe’ is made of. I know deep down that the rainbow is symbolic of the spectrum of the universe. It means something that we possess the capability of imagining the possibilities of our universe. Of our planet Gaia.
           We are the rainbow.  We are the pot of

The Oracle Report, Saturday – Sunday, October 11-12, 2014

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Disseminating Moon Phase: share thoughts, feelings, ideas

Moon in Taurus/Gemini (Saturday at 11:51 am ET/3:51 pm UT)

Skill: embrace destiny

Negative Imprint: repeating patterns, hidden and hiding, deception, violation of trust, lured away, trying to gain approval, false impressions, fooling

Positive Imprint: transcending fear, connection with the ancient, moving on, feeding the soul, emulation, truth, innocent offerings

Some element of destiny crosses our paths, collectively and individually, this weekend.  The Sun is conjunct the North Node, delivering signs, opportunities, alternatives, and movement toward what we need.  A high degree of foreshadowing of the future is also visible.

That said, yesterday a reader from southeastern Virginia sent me a photograph of several CDC trailers staged behind a mall.

The Sabian symbol of the degree of Mars reinforces the need for preparedness: in winter people cutting ice from a frozen pond for summer use.  There is no need…

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The Oracle Report, Friday, October 10, 2014

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Full Moon Phase: illumination

Moon in Taurus

Skill: celebrate life

Negative Imprint: selfishness, not resting, self-sabotage, self-sacrifice, battles, disinterest, insensitivity, uncooperative, worry, criticism, offensive

Positive Imprint: unselfishness, peace, clearing, renewal, prophecy, transcending, reassurance, pleasure, joy, valor

The Blood Moon sets today, and with it the energy of the Sabian symbol for the Full Moon phase, “fairies dancing in the setting Sun.”  We rejoice in the re-enchantment that is underway in the world.

We are going to need to work a little bit harder to try and get things done today, because the energy favors playing.  When we take breaks today, we can return to matters at hand with renewed energy.  So, while you need to be productive, break and then return to things.  And when your work is done, well, then it’s time to really enjoy something.

Be aware that an unbinding of the past is…

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