What I ultimately took away from ’40 Year Old Virgin’

Seas roll to waft me, suns to light me rise;
My footstool earth, my canopy the skies.
— Alexander Pope (1688-1744)
— Essay on Man, Epistle i, Line 139

Was on the poster in his apartment behind the t.v.

I had to take time off from school because…

1) I was really all over the place. I thought I wanted to study theatre and philosophy. Two of my most innate abilities. To perform and philosophise. I pre-judged the first program I took called, The Empty Space: Movement, Dance and Theatre. Yes, lets decipher what beautiful chaos an interdisciplinary program is (in depth another time). Let me point out that, at the time, I didn’t truly grasp and accept Evergreen’s very ‘open’ academic curriculum. Open meaning non linear ie. well rounded, interdisciplinary. As for their social curriculum, every serendipitous encounter transcended the next until I ultimately found myself transcending the entire environment all together.

Think of a time when you shouldve advoacated for something and you didnt. What stopped you from speaking out? Why do we choose not to speak out on the things we believe in? Who do our decisons impress or dissappoint?

It boils down to approval. Because we all want acceptance. For who we are and what we represent. And many of us find ourselves oppressing parts of who we are as the price of an illusion of acceptance. Leading a life at rivals with your true desires requires being in a denial induced coma. We can’t see the denial because we’ve basically proved to ourselves that what our loved ones and society wants from us is the very same thing we want for ourselves. And it’s never true. No one can feel your heartbeat like you can. Before we can fight for someone else right to live free, we have to first learn how to break free of the chains we ourselves may still walk in. I’m learning how to do that. It’s a daily struggle when you feel like what you have to say isn’t important but, who else will it be important to. I’ve realized that in order to be an effective advocate (and a functional adult) I have to learn how to first speak up for my own right to be.

So you’re quite the little conspiracy theorist?

More of a public intelligence analyst so i like to dub myself as one. Mostly i believe that nothing is for certain even after proven it is always subject to change. As long as there are government secrets, there is no reason to fully trust and always reason to look beyond the surface. Of course, this can be applied to various situations, but as a citizen in this wayward country….i would just be plain stupid to accept all the BS that’s fed to us daily.


Advertisement by the U.S. Department of the Interior offering surplus Indian lands for sale (1910-1911)

Advertisement by the U.S. Department of the Interior offering surplus Indian lands for sale (1910-1911)

Advertisement for genocidal land grab.

Most white wealth in the US is held in the form of real estate and this is how they got it.

It goes without saying that once they stole the land and killed or drove out former inhabitants, the structures erected on that land to continue to generate wealth — buildings, plowed fields, irrigation systems, sewage systems, kitchens, furnaces, mills, workshops — were built by enslaved artisans and craftspeople kidnapped from overseas.

This is the story of US American wealth creation. No secret here.

A Message from DCCWW’s Executive Director Nancy Schwalb

A Message from DCCWW’s Executive Director Nancy Schwalb.

I was one of those students. Not for as long but impacted just the same. Thank you soooo much Ms. Nancy for all you do and continue to do!


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