So Called ‘Natural Hair’ Movement

The natural hair movement has been in full affect for some time now. Many females are dubbing themselves ‘au natural’ yet still dye their hair with chemicals (there are natural ways though), use curl definers/activators and use a whole litany of ‘so called’ natural hair products.

Going natural shouldn’t just mean that you stop putting perms in your hair, its about wearing your hair in it’s complete natural state without it being manipulated. I feel like there is now an idealistic standard of ‘natural’ beauty. We become subjected to this in a whole other realm in the plight to now reach yet ANOTHER ideal of beauty.

We don’t need any of these so called natural hair products being marketed in order to have HEALTHY hair. Everything we need we can make on our own or purchase the raw/organic/pure forms of them (ie shea butter,black soap,ect) I am no expert but, I know that there is nothing too different about the ingredients in the so called products for natural hair than the ones we put in our permed hair. (read the wont hurt)

We have to become more informed, conscious consumers across the board. (food,technology,cosmetics,clothes,homes, transportation)

When we buy, that is also our vote. [i think i just found my next topic]


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