Impromptu Philosophies Vol.I

This….hmmmm…very unfortunate.
You need to come out of that sir.
Law of attraction.
Starts from within.
You don’t need anyone’s pity.
Believe in yourself. Love yourself.

I know i just blew that out of context perhaps. It came from this very stern, nurturing place deep in me. It’s been cultivating inside of me as of recent. I’ve found that my passion in life is to truly help people heal themselves across the board. Then hopefully they too can help fully heal another….and so on….
simply making my life focus about making an impact
as we all do without even trying.

we can heal the world if we break free from these mental shackles and open our minds. the time is now to make a change. we can no longer keep waiting for the ‘next best thing’.we all look to other people as our ‘heroes’ our ‘leaders’.we need to begin to honestly take charge of our own lives.our communities.our environments.we complain all day but thats only being half conscious.


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