My Plight of ‘Love’ {a much needed conversation}

[some of the words I shared in a conversation]
 ……………. youre the only person who has made me re-evaluate what love really means to me.
 ive finally realized what the real root is. i didnt know what real love was.i knew one sided love….my own love.and i thought thats how it was always and should always feel.
as corny as that sounds
thats why im always saying that im confused but im someone who claims to be able to understand my emotions. i couldnt even tell you how i felt about you cause ive had this idea of what love and being in love should feel like
 i couldnt get passed that. thats why i constantly found myself questioning. cause this perception of how things should be,how i should feel,how should act.and that lead me to believe that what we had wasnt what i wanted.even though it was damn near perfect.i didnt even think if i had to let go of my preconceived thoughts of love.i just let go cause it didnt feel wasnt what i was looking wasnt what i taught myself
it wasnt what i was used to.
and here i am.claiming to be ‘open minded’.but the first thing i figured out on my own was how to love someone.
but that doesnt mean i learned right
youre everything that i was to everyone else
its like im looking at me

this is how i feel about you…my tears wont allow me to lie to myself [any longer]……….


 A great weight has been lifted from me. Just wanted to share this.


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