The Oracle Report, Friday, September 26, 2014

I have spent that past 2 days and 3 nights with 2 of my closest friends (one who I’m romantically involved with) and, when I woke up this morning (after intimacy), I felt like I needed to leave. I’d been analyzing why all day. After reading this post it became clear that I was still very much experiencing a belief of unworthiness (of being taken care of and attention being paid to) and a creeping insidious feeling of loneliness. When I love myself, ie. pay attention to my wants (cause I surely didnt want to leave) and most importantly, forgive myself; I enable myself to embody my eternal peace. I’m learning to acknowledge my worth and my worthiness.
I am thankful for your focused soul alignment.
^.^ Blessed Be

2012: What's the 'real' truth?


New Moon Phase: initiate

Moon in Libra/Scorpio

Skill: create the mind space of comfort and ease

Negative Imprint: possessiveness, secrets, jealousy, dependent, over-analyzing, loneliness, the mistaken belief that one is unlovable or unworthy

Positive Imprint: composure, elegance, pioneering, philosophical, existential, sharing, receptive, hospitality, love

Today’s energy carries strong social and romantic elements.  This brings a profound desire to connect with others on a deep, shared level.  Presentations, classes, sessions, invitations, and the like are supported under this energy, as it seeks to link people together.

Since the energy drives us to connect on authentic levels, if we do not have connections on a deep, shared level, today’s energy will be challenging.  It will press on feelings of isolation, loneliness, and loss.  It can feel like being lost and alone in the woods.

But at the core, we want to be able to be…

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