Choose Love ♡♥☆★♧♣

‘It’s so decadent/how we represent/ the most eclectic, refreshing energy heaven sent’
rhymes by ‘yours truly’
*but i’m not a rapper*>. <

The theme is to choose love. Over all else, deciding to unconditionally love in spite of those ‘fleeting emotions’ of ours. I believe that love is the art of choosing to enable self love above all else first and, then consciously deciding to expand your love to fully accept another as you do yourself.

‘It’s about bringing together two people, two bridges and connecting them. Like [bringing together] the colors of the rainbow.’
‘The kids saw a rainbow and it was faint, at first…. we wanted soo bad to see the rainbow and all of a sudden, it became brighter!’

‘Let’s shine our rainbows together and be the pot(s) of gold!!’*

-Conversations with ‘friends’

Let’s all choose love in order to  manifest our higher/inner ‘selves’. That is the ‘power’ inside each of us and is what the entire ‘universe’ is made of. I know deep down that the rainbow is symbolic of the spectrum of the universe. It means something that we possess the capability of imagining the possibilities of our universe. Of our planet Gaia.
           We are the rainbow.  We are the pot of


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