BIX WEIR: Shhh…come close…I’m going to whisper something in your ear…WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!!!!!

Thought it couldn’t/wasn’t going to happen to US? Been happening. Coming from underneath our noses to in our faces

2012: What's the 'real' truth?


Get ready to go on lock down by the end of next week and have your bug out strategy in hand no matter where you live.

Mobility is not good for most physical silver holders but do your best to secure your silver somewhere you can return to if you can’t bring your wealth with you. Society is about to spin out of control and you must be ready to “go with the flow”.

Remember this foreshadowing FEMA video?

FEMA & Disasters (such as Polar Flip) can turn your World Upside Down

…the SILVER fork (meaning: invest in silver)

…the DINOSAUR (meaning: extinction/evolution level event)

…the EGGS coming out of the BASKET (meaning: retirement investments destroyed)

…the GRAB BAG (meaning: be mobile if need be)

…and more that you can read into yourself.

Scary stuff.

But even though the world is about to be…

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